13 November 2013

Leggings and Oversized Sweaters

It's autumn!

This post is all about Fashion and Beauty!  
At the moment, I really love combining leggings with over-sized sweatshirts and a pair of uggs. I still go to School and at my school we don't have uniforms so everyday I have to choose what to wear. Obviously for school I don't need to look great, but I don't want to look like a trainwreck either. And just for sitting around in a classroom on a cold day - leggings and a sweater are the way to go. 
Also, if you're just wearing a plain sweater and plain black leggings, then you could do something interesting with your hair. If you have longer hair then I would recommend a fishtailbraid or a bun with a pretty bow. Those hairstyles make your overall appearance a bit more interesting and look really cute. 
This look is really great if you're running late, because you can't go wrong with the outfit and either hairstyle takes about 2 mintes. 
Cable knitswearters in autumn-like colours look really nice this season. That means all shades of brown, red, cream .... 
Sweater weather is better weather! 

Here are some pictures in the forest with my leggings and my ugg boots! I couldn't take a pictue of my oversized sweater because it was too cold :-) 

Lots of Love x

P.s. A thanks to my friend for taking the pictures xx

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